Potential Project Analysis: Metaverse Newcomer N.Fans (NFS) to Take Over NFT and GameFi?

Source: N.Fans

  1. Project Introduction

N.Fans is a blockchain-based NFT artwork and trendy games aggregation platform. The platform gathers digital art, celebrity film and television, animation and games and other high-quality rare NFT assets. N.Fans is committed to building a well-known anime IP+GameFi aggregation type NFT platform.

N.Fans integrates well-known film and TV artists, anime, and games. It supports NFT asset trading, NFT asset pledging and lending, NFT’s INO, NFT mystery box, etc. It formed an ecosystem through cooperation with well-known anime IPs such as Naruto, Detective Conan, Dark Realm, Chen Lingji, Pokemon, One Piece, Slam Dunk, etc. It has now launched its first game “Ninja Treasure League” and started internal testing. It is currently developing and testing its chain game “Road to Ninja.”

N.Fans produces NFTs by gathering globally renowned art IPs and safeguarding the value of artworks through a unique rarity and value preservation contract mechanism.

2. Key Events

2021.1 The project was established and was joined by famous artists such as Yui Hatano and more at the early stage of its establishment.

2021.5 Received cornerstone investments from institutions and early-stage private sales

2021.6 Platform private sale

2021.7 Released Yui Hatano’s NFTs; jointly released a total of 7997 Naruto NFT mystery boxes with iBox, which were sold out in less than a minute

2021.8 N.Fans platform went live; opened NFT mystery box buying and selling functions and trading market.

2021.9 Bidding and limited release of Dark Realm NFT collectibles in the form of 3D NFTs through the Binance NFT platform

2021.9.20 N.Fans launched an IDO through Crowdpooling campaign on DODO.

Late 2021.9 Launched the first “Ninja Treasure League”. Chain game “Road to Ninja” expected to launch in late October

2021.10.15 Went online on MEXC

3. Tokenomics

The total number of NFS issued is 200 million, distributed as follows:

Token sales: 20% (locked position)

Reservations: 15% (locked position)

Team Advisors: 10% (locked position)

Partners/Users: 5% (locked position)

Ecosystem Mining Incentive: 50%

50% of the NFS will be used for the mining incentives for users of the whole platform ecosystem. Incentives will be adjusted correspondingly proportionate to the activity and behavior of all users in the ecosystem of the platform. The corresponding incentive each year will be allocated no more than 20% of the total 100 million. The remaining year-by-year release will be no more than 20% of the total 100 million.

The N.Fans platform promises to release 100% of the platform’s trading fee profit for buying back and destroying NFS (centralized destruction and release of formula at the end of each month) until 100 million pieces remain, thus ensuring the deflationary logic of NFS.

4. Financing Status

Investors: BIP32 Venture, Krypto fund, ETFDAO fund (lead investor), AC capital, I-FreekMobile (Japan listed company), Hoo, Keys Capital and other institutions

5. Project Value Analysis

Token Utility Value and Order Analysis

Use case scenarios of NFS include platform dividends, NFT mining, resource farming on chain games, purchasing NFT products (such as cards, blind boxes, etc.), participation in the ecosystem governance of NFS and acquiring voting rights, etc. The scenarios of NFS uses are to be officially refined.

Buying pressure of NFS mainly comes from:

1. Investors who have expectations for N.Fans’s good development

2. Demand for NFT purchases

3. Participation in chain games for resource farming

4. Buy-in by secondary market investors

Selling pressure of NFS mainly comes from:

1. IDO and airdrop cash out

2. Team and investors cash out

3. Selling by secondary market investors

Project Value and Expectations

1. N.Fans established strong alliance with world-famous IPs. Successful cases of their partnership: the global frenzy of buying the Yui Hatano and Naruto series NFTs; TV Tokyo IP will be stationed on the platform, followed by Slam Dunk, Detective Conan, Gundam, Ultraman and works of other companies as Japan achieved global domination in the field of animation IP.

2. The product is available in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Dozens of community AMAs have been conducted in Japan. It is currently targeting the Korean market.

3. There are many ongoing projects in October, such going online on Market places, mystery box allocation, and the Launch. It is said that the sale of mystery boxes will be on OKNFT on the 18th.

Note: Above information is for sharing purposes only and does not constitute any investment advice. Please always be aware of any risks in the market.